Page-01 copy 3
Page-01 copy 3



Page-02- Begin taking a section of hair from the side of the crown.

- Start a french braid and go until you’ve incorporated hair about 2 times.

Page-03- Next, start half-french braiding by incorporating hair partings all the way from the other side of the head.

- Half-french braid until you get to the bottom of the ear.

- From here, begin french braiding again, only this time you’ll be leaving out strands of hair (like in a waterfall braid).

Page-04- Continue french braiding and dropping out hair until the end of the braid. (You’re just dropping out parts of each left strand)

- Tie off the end of the braid with an elastic or hair tie.

Page-05- Go back through and pull at the strands to loosen for your desired look.

- You may also add curl to any free falling hair, if desired.

Page-01 copy 2- All done! Finish off with hairspray and add in your hair accessories!

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